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Air Travel Baggage Restrictions

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Fly Smart and Stress Free

Tips for Travellers on Packing Less to Avoid Luggages Fees

Travelling on an international flight for the first time? Confused with the endless list of Dos and Donts from your flight carrier? While a tourist has some serious itinerary plans to make and a business traveller has more than one issue to worry about, it is recommended you read upon simple yet powerful air travel baggage tips to fly smart and stress free.

  • All international airlines charge a monstrous amount for extra baggage. Therefore start with learning about your carrier’s weight and size limits of the baggage. Extra weight or the wrong size of baggage causes last minute panic thus ending up in missing out on indispensable travel essentials.

  • If you decide to buy new travel bags, choose colours that stand out prominently. While black and brown maybe the most basic, colours these days are trendier and helps you to recognize your baggage easily.

  • TSA approved locks are also used prevalently these days. If an officer decides to check your baggage physically TSA locks let them to do so without being broken. TSA approved locks are designed by Travel Sentry and can be opened using universal master keys.

  • Pack your luggage smartly. Do not carry the whole wardrobe with you. Choose simple mix and match clothing accessories based on the weather of your destination.

  • Make sure all your important travel documents, medicines and addresses are placed in your hand luggage.

  • If you are on a long haul flight, pack a separate kit for surviving the ordeal up in the air. Carry enough magazines and CDs to keep you entertained. Your every day medicines, nasal sprays, travel pillow and a hand sanitizer are some of the important contents of the kit.

  • Carry a small vanity kit in your hand luggage. This must contain a face wash, toothbrush and toothpaste. These items help you stay refreshed during your long flight.

  • Be 100 percent sure that no liquid in your land luggage exceeds 100 ml. All liquids, gels or even water that is over 100 ml will be trashed on all international flights.
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